Explore 40,000 plus medical products online!

Medical products
Our medical products are very safe and are designed by two U.S. leading manufacturers. We have over 40,000 products online that you can choose from. Your order will be shipped directly you from our manufactures. Click here to learn more about medical products.
Immunization Program
Our immunization program protects you and other people against major life-threatening diseases. To learn more, click here or call 301-460-6372 to schedule a clinic.
Drug and alcohol screening
Our drug and alcohol is geared to keep your workplace safe. Taking this preventive step has shown to reduce the risk of drug-related work accidents. Clickhere to learn more about.
Training Service (CPR/AED)
Our CPR/AED training program is not just for health care providers. It is also for anyone who cares about saving other’s lives. We provide CPR training and certification at a reasonable cost. Click here to learn more.
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