Frequently Asked Questions

 Flu Vaccine
Q:  Can the shot give you the flu?
A:  Flu vaccines are made from killed influenza viruses. These cannot give you the flu.
Q:  Do I get the flu even if I get a flu shot?
A:  This can happen, but the flu shot usually protects most people from the flu.
Q:  "The vaccine is not 100% effective, so I am better off getting the flu?"
A:  No!. Vaccine is 100% effective.  However, if you get a flu shot but still have the flu, you are likely to be far less sick than you would have been without the protection.
Q:  Are the side effects worse than the flu?
A:  The worst side effect you are likely to get is a sore arm. The risk of a rare allergic reaction is far less  than the risk of severe complications from influenza.
Q:  "Not everyone can take a flu shot."
A:  If you are allergic to eggs (used in making the vaccine); are very ill with high fever; or have had a severe reaction to the flu vaccine in the past, you might not be able to get this protection.
 Medication Technician Training Program
Q:  Is the Medication Technician Training Program optional?
A:  No. Employees and/or school staff in both public and non-public schools must comply with the law Senate Bill 445.
Q:  What is the Senate Bill 445?
A:  The 1998 Maryland General Assembly passed Senate Bill (SB) 445, State Board of Nursing - Nursing  Assistants Certification.  The bill requires persons who routinely perform delegated nursing functions to be trained and certified by the Maryland Board of Nursing as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). If the nursing function delegated includes the administration of medication, the employee must also receive training in medication administration and be registered with the Maryland Board of Nursing as a Medication Technician.
Q:  Can any school staff administers medication?
A:  No.  Any school staff who administers medication on a routine basis must complete a 20 hour medication administration training course that is approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing (BON).  The employee must be trained and registered as a Medication Technician with the BON.
Q:  What are the requirements for taking the Medication Technician class?
A:  The school staff must take (1) a pretest math to assess the student math skills and (2) register for the class which is 20 hours in length.
Q:  How can I sign up for a Medication Technician training course?
A:  Pleasant Health Services can provide you with the appropriate training in order to become a certified Medication Technician.  Contact our main office at 301-460-6372, or email us at